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Friends of 'The Bible Society Bookshop, Ghala'

We are meeting on Friday mornings to pray for the Bible Society Bookshop here in Ghala.

As well as praying, we want to gather a community of supporters.

As ‘Friends’ we will be committed to…

1. praying for the Bible Society Bookshop, that it is able to open soon and be restocked with Bible resources for the Christian community.

2. working out ways to help in restocking the Bookshop ourselves.

3. supporting the development of a ‘coffee stop’ area at the back of the Bookshop to support Bible engagement and encourage more people to access the resources of the Bible Society.

4. supporting and planning for the redevelopment of the whole building so that the Bible Society Bookshop is in good shape for years to come.

Encouraging Bible Literacy and Engagement...
EnglishCafePosterwithBackground(3840 × 2160 px).png

English Cafe Muscat is a place to learn English and grow in Bible knowledge. We start each session with a topic from the Bible and explore ways to learn English from the text. The focus of the classes is speaking skills, building confidence in English vocabulary through practicing with highly trained English Teachers. Students enroll through a placement test and are placed into levelled groups. The project is led by CELTA qualified instructors who have years of experience in English teaching. Classes are in 2 hour sessions and run for four week phases with a short assessment at the end of each phase.

We believe that learning is the best when having fun, in a group and a relaxed café atmosphere. Why not come and join us? We meet on Tuesdays at 19.30 in the Bible Society Shop, Ghala.

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