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The Church of St John - Muscat

Our name celebrates the powerful fourth gospel by The Beloved Disciple.

It also remembers Bishop Yohannon / John (5th century) from this land.

The church logo is a cross made out of of the four initials of our name in Arabic.


We believe in One God; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The One who created all things has revealed himself in Jesus, he has rescued us from slavery to sin through the cross and resurrection, and he has brought us into fellowship with Himself by the power of the Holy Spirit.


As church we see our calling in four areas. Worship. Outreach. Fellowship. Growth.

We believe that the bible is God's inspired, living word, revealing to us more of Jesus and how to follow Him.

You may never have set foot inside a church before, even so, we would welcome you to come and 'taste and see'...


Jesus death and resurrection confront us with the reality that the One True God has entered our world  to rescue us. Declaring and demonstrating God's kingdom, Jesus defeated the enslaving powers, that we had promoted through our worship of non-gods, defeating them through the cross and empty tomb. Through death's defeat Jesus has opened up the door to God's eternal kingdom. Following Jesus means turning around and with the Spirit's help making Jesus number one in our life. In everything pointing others to Him.

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